Are You Ready To Build Your Dream Career In the Hollywood Acting Industry, Today!

Actor, it's time to take your career to new heights. It's time to consistently build your dream career on your own terms by harnessing the power of relationships.

But first, you need a systematic, automatic, value-driven marketing plan that doesn't eat up all your time or your money.

That's where the Dezperate Actor - The Complete Edition comes in. 

This is the ultimate resource for actors looking to make it in Hollywood.

 This comprehensive program includes three essential flagship courses: The Dezperate Actor - Cracking the Hollywood Code, Dezperate Actor 2.8 - Representation on Demand, and Dezperate Actor - Coaching For Actors.

 This also includes bonuses in each respective course.

 With this curriculum, you'll learn everything you need to know about breaking into the industry, finding the right representation, and perfecting your craft.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to Professionally Market yourself and others in the Hollywood / Entertainment Industry
  • Laser in on the immediate traction-building goals and actions to propel your career forward fast.
  • Shift your marketing mindset away from sales and toward service so you never worry about bragging or looking desperate in your approach.
  • Stop wasting money & energy on classes that don't teach you how to start getting booked today!
  • Research the right target list of industry pros whose work aligns with your career goals.
  • Become a networking ninja so you don't ramble, apologize, or get taken advantage of.
  • Learn the acting contract terms before signing in the dotted line.
  • Begin your career in the movie industry by getting paid for your efforts of working smart.

The entire Dezperate Actor training is designed to automate your marketing and career as an actor so you never spend more than two hours a day building a thriving and sustainable acting empire.

You'll receive our Flagship programs:

The Dezperate Actor - Cracking the Hollywood Code + Dezperate Actor 2.8 - Representation on Demand + Dezperate Actor - Coaching For Actors + Bonuses

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your acting career to the next level. 

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Here's Exactly What you Get:

  • Video lessons in HD
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime
  • Downloadables with each Module
  • 3 Bonuses to propel your career further
  • Available on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Immediate Access to the entire program
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

"I knew at an early age I wanted to act. Acting was always easy for me. I don't believe in predestination, but I do believe that once you get where ever it is you are going, that is where you were going to be."

-Morgan Freeman

Dezperate Actor - The Complete Edition

We all know that the entertainment industry can be a tough place for actors. It’s hard enough just getting noticed, let alone finding someone willing to represent you. But what if there was a way to stand out from the crowd and get your name in front of people who could make it happen? What if there was a way for you to market yourself as uniquely as possible so that casting directors couldn’t help but remember your face when they were looking at their options? What if there was a way for you to create professional marketing materials that would impress even the most jaded Hollywood execs? Well now there is! Dezperate Actor - The Complete Edition Program is here with everything an actor needs – including training, tools, and support – so they can finally start booking roles on films, television shows, and national commercials.

  • This program is perfect for actors who know how good they are but need help getting booked consistently with their talent.

  • We've developed a proven system for getting your foot in the door with professional headshots, marketing materials and scripts that'll help you stand out from the crowd.

  • With our help you'll land more auditions than ever before - allowing you to book more roles than ever before!

  • With our program you will get access to all kinds of tools and resources so you can take your career to the next level.

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Dezperate Actor - Cracking the Hollywood Code

    • Welcome To Dezperate Actor

    • Actor Sheet - The Life Plan

    • Episode 1 - Headshots with Steve

    • Episode 2 - Resume with Steve

    • Episode 4 - Lodging with Steve

    • Dezperate Actor - Tools List for the Actors

    • Episode 5 - SAG-AFTRA with Steve

    • Episode 6 - Seasons with Steve

    • Episode 7 - Commercial Acting 101 with Steve


    • Episode 8 - Theatrical Actor 101 with Steve

    • Episode 9 - Marketing Materials with Steve

    • Episode 10 - Background Acting with Steve

    • Actor Sheet - 12 Powerful Decisions to Get You to Success

    • Episode 11 - Self Submissions with Steve

    • Episode 12 - Mailing with Steve

    • Episode 13 - Pitfalls to Avoid with Steve

    • Episode 14 - Internet Movie Database your way to Success with Steve

    • Actor Sheet - 5 Acting Rules You Must Always Remember

    • Episode 15 - Sharpen the Pencil with Steve

    • Episode 16 - Meeting an Agent 101 with Steve


  • 2

    Dezperate Actor 2.8 - Representation on Demand

    • Welcome to Dezperate Actor 2.8 - The Introduction

    • Why did I make this program for you?

    • Your Transformation is the Key!

    • Why is Marketing so Important?

    • Episode 1 - The Beginning of the Journey!

    • Episode 2 - Your Marketing Materials

    • Episode 3 - Representation to Go For!

    • Episode 4 - Marketing Materials Recap

    • Listen to this Once a Day for the next 30 Days!

    • Episode 5 - R & D - Target Your AGENTS!

    • Episode 6 - Secret Weapon - IMDB PRO

    • Episode 7 - Mastering the Email Marketing Approach

    • Seeking Representation Mind Map

    • Target your AGENTS!!

    • Episode 8 - Key Questions to Ask your Potential Representation

    • Episode 9 - Looking Over the Contract!

    • Episode 10 - Actor's Contract Pro Tip with MoMo on the Move

    • Episode 11 - Create your Online Acting Profiles and Self Submit!

    • Episode 12 - Building a Lasting Relationship with your Team!

    • Episode 13 - How to Become your own Publicist

    • Episode 14 - Incorporating Side Hustles for Career Longevity

    • Episode 15 - Investing in Yourself!

    • Episode 16 - Becoming an Actual Business in the Industry

    • Episode 17 - The Gift of Giving and Gratitude

    • Graduation! - Beta Tester EDITION

  • 3

    Bonus #1

    • What is like to be Acting for a Show from Home!

  • 4

    Bonus #2

    • Improv for Television & Film

    • Improv for Television & Film Pt. 2

    • AHA Moments!

  • 5

    Bonus #3

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 1

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 2

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 3

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 3 pt. 2

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 4

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 5

    • Searching for Representation Support Call WK 5 pt. 2

    • Representation Support Call Bonus - Building Empowering Relationships

    • Representation Support Call Bonus - What to do when is not working out?

    • AHA Moments!

  • 6

    Dezperate Actor - Coaching For Actors

    • Episode 1 - Always Be True to Yourself

    • Episode 2 - Trust The Process

    • Episode 3 - Don't Let Nothing Stop You

    • Episode 4 - Make Yourself Happy

    • Episode 5 - Be Extremely Prepared

    • Episode 6 - Lodging

    • Episode 7 - Relax

    • Episode 8 - Learn to Adapt

    • Episode 9 - Enjoy it Even During Tough Times

    • Episode 10 - Pick Yourself Back Up

    • Episode 11 - Take Care of Yourself

    • Episode 12 - The Agent or The Manager

    • Episode 13 - Taking Your Career to the Next Level

    • Episode 14 - Take Some Time OFF

    • Episode 15 - Keep The Holiday Spirit

    • Episode 16 - Your #1 Goal

    • Episode 17 - Trust Your Intuition

    • Episode 18 - Working Hard or HARDLY Working?

    • Episode 19 - Always Ask Questions

    • Episode 20 - Expand Your Horizons

    • Episode 21 - 3 Important Tips!

    • Episode 22 - Your Primary Focus

    • Episode 23 - Do a Non-Paid Gig

    • Episode 24 - Doing Your Own Due Diligence

    • Episode 25 - Never Stop Exploring

    • Episode 26 - How Can I Be of Service?

Companies that some of my students and myself have worked for

(Television Series, Films, Reality Shows, Game Shows, Streaming Episodics + More)

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Extra BONUSES!!!

For a Limited Time, you will also get these 3 Bonuses with your course teaching you how the process of acting remotely is, improv for television & film masterclasses & group coaching call recordings of finding the right representation for you.

  • Acting Remotely [ $598 VALUE ]

    This is your chance to go backstage and see how an episode of a television show is created remotely. Due to the pandemic, there are many projects that are available from the comfort of your own home! This is your chance to take a look at how one episode is done fully uncut.

  • Improv for Television & Film Masterclasses [ $798 VALUE ]

    We have 2 Masterclasses with Hollywood Heavy hitters talking about how improv is used in Television, Films & Writing. These are exclusive Bonuses to propel your career forward!

  • Seeking the Right Representation Recordings! [ $1498 VALUE ]

    Seeking representation may seem daunting at first, but with our seeking the right representation coaching calls bonuses it makes it so much easier to go through the process!

Why is this Being Offered?

Get the Program Today

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  • Who is this program for?

    This program is designed for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Hollywood and/or entertainment industry! If you haven’t started pursuing acting but you’re interested in getting started, if you’re midway through your acting journey, or if you’re at the tail end of your journey - this program is for you!

  • I’m pretty busy. How much time should I expect to spend on this program?

    Some daily tasks can take as little as five minutes. Other tasks can take up to an hour (or more). The time it takes for you to complete each daily task really depends on the daily task and whether the task is completely new to you. On average, you should expect to set aside roughly thirty minutes a day for each task.

  • Is this program similar to your other courses?

    No! This program is one-of-a-kind and unlike any of our other courses. In fact, this program is not a course at all! Unlike our courses, which provide 4+ hours of pre-recorded video instruction, this is a much more robust and updated course for people seeking more than just beginner knowledge. This program is focused on getting you to take action on your Hollywood journey, for you to be able to interact and seek the perfect representation, and for you to start working in the industry from the moment you start applying the knowledge and practical tips given.

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    This program is available immediately after purchase. You will have full access to the program during that time including future updates and securing the lowest price. You will have access to the program, including but not limited to the program videos, handouts, material, and access to our bonuses.

  • Will this Program teach me how to be better at acting?

    No! This is not an Acting Technique Program, this is a Marketing for the Actor and/or entertainer in Hollywood or any entertainment industry. This program's purpose is to teach you all the ways you can get auditions and possibly bookings in Television, Blockbuster Films, Streaming Platforms like Netflix and Disney +, and National Commercials with proven techniques.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the instant delivery of the course content (at release) and the limited number of available spaces, we typically do not offer refunds, but for this special limited time offer we give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to us to get your questions answered before you decide to sign up.

  • Will the price increase?

    Yes! As we are constantly updating the program we will be increasing prices as we increase the curriculum! Be sure to secure the best available price before it increases!


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